Healthcare Environmental Services (HES)

Jobs for Disabled can help our healthcare customers maintain healthy, clean hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities. Patients, health providers and visitors expect the cleanest most sanitary conditions possible.  We have a extensive Q.C. Program to insure policies and procedures are in place and followed.  Our Healthcare Environmental Services include:

  • Aseptic cleaning of all units.
  • Hazardous waste collection, containment, transportation, securing and staging.
  • Linen collections, distributions and placements.
  • Continuous Improvement and Process Improvement programs for employees and medical staff in all areas of HES.
  • Obtaining, mixing, handling, application, final cleaning and disposal of disinfectants and residues.
  • Thorough cleaning of visiting and common areas for patients, visitors and other guests.
  • Securing and cleaning of administrative space and offices.
  • Cleaning of windows, ceilings, floors and areas with human contact throughout the medical facilities.
  • Management of employees, work areas, supplies and equipment and OSHA requirements (MSDS records, etc.) as required by JCAHO standards.
  • Superior facility performance even with variable requirements, locations and/or time of day.